No appointment to wait on third party testing with us just call us and we will be there at anytime!


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Additional Prairieville and Dutch Town Location "Now Open"for Classes on (Easter) Spring Break !!!

When you are looking for a driving school for your loved one. Remember this is the one thing in their life that will decide wether they live or die. This is serious and we at Breaux's Driving School take it very serious. Nowing the experiance of who is teaching your loved one, makes all the difference in the world. Please, before you make that decision don't just go by the price because we know your child or loved one is priceless. You do get what you pay for.


Call Gonzales location to ENROLL NOW !!! 




This goes out to all of you around the Parkview Baptist, Woodlawn School area as well.      


Breaux's Driving School is approved, certified and licensed by the Department of Public Safety & Corrections, Office of Motor Vehicles and the State of Louisiana. 

 Mission Statement

Due to the importance of safe driving practices for new and young drivers, our team at Breaux's Driving School believe that it is not just about being able to pass a written test. The real test is teaching the students to survive behind the wheel of the most dangerous weapon man has ever created including defensive driving techniques. Breaux's Driving School is geared toward the safety, trust and quality of "Real Time “training for all driver's attending our program. We strive for excellence and a quality education. We utilize all available tools to ensure you become a safe and effective driver.




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