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09-02-2015 8:21:30 PM CST
I attended Breaux's Driving school for my 30 hours of class and 8 hours of driving. I had a great time and met lots of new friends. Mrs. Dawn put me at ease right away. They are not rude like the other places I checked out. I am so happy that I chose to get my permit through Breaux's. Thanks to Mrs.D and Mrs. Rene i now have my permit and looking forward to going back to take the road skills test with them when I turn 16. Enjoyed learning and if was a great experience.

08-27-2015 10:04:56 AM CST
Thanks for all the help

Leslie G
08-27-2015 10:03:21 AM CST
Good Job!!!!! I really enjoy the class!!!!!!

07-15-2015 12:34:00 PM CST
I had fun coming to Breaux's

05-18-2015 12:08:33 PM CST
its fun and easy.

09-09-2014 11:54:33 PM CST
I attended Breaux's Driving School because of theses reasons: When I walked into the door they made me feel welcome and relaxed. They answered my questions and didn't rush me out of the door. Not a long wait time to drive like other schools!!! I made the RIGHT decision by using Breaux's. GEAUX WITH BREAUX AND YOU WILL BE GLAD THAT YOU DID!!!!! I challenge you to visit other driving schools and you will see the difference.

Dawn Breaux
07-02-2014 3:43:34 PM CST

Thank you for all the love and support for Breaux's. Lot's of things have been going on here at Breaux's. We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone, students,parents and grandparents for giving us the opportunity to be involved in the awesome experience of driving and getting licenses. We have met so many people and made so many new friends. Thank you again for letting us be a part of this exciting time. Be safe and keep in touch. Much love

#carville Girls
05-29-2014 11:32:33 AM CST
we love u Mrs. Dawn and Mrs.renee

Elvieneisha Jackson
05-29-2014 11:27:06 AM CST
i really enjoy my time here.you are family.you can be yourself and take your time

Ayana Haynes
05-29-2014 11:24:27 AM CST
i really love this place i spent the best tyme here i love you ms.rene and ms.dawn had lots of fun!!!!

Kiria Brown
05-29-2014 11:22:50 AM CST
I really enjoyed this driving school and i really learned alot at this driving and had fun

reneisha walker
05-29-2014 11:21:05 AM CST
i love this place!!!!!Mrs dawn and Mrs Renee they are the best they make sure you kno every thing.

05-10-2014 6:13:37 PM CST

I really loved my driving instructors. Mrs. Dawn, Mrs. Angele and Mrs. Rene are awesome!! Had lots of fun and they made me feel comfortable.I got my license and I am a safe driver. Thank you ladies for helping me and your support proving to myself that I am capable of getting through the program. Thanks so much!!!

Ally Ryder
04-27-2014 6:47:39 PM CST
Breauxs is definitely the place to be! I had so much fun and learned so much while I was there!! Ms. Dawn and Ms. Renee always made the class fun. Can't wait to go back and see them when I get my permit

Bailey H
04-27-2014 4:25:38 PM CST
I learned a lot about driving from attending Breaux's. Mrs. Dawn did her best to make that boring book more interesting and she did a pretty good job too. Overall it was a fun experience and I will definitely be recommending Breaux's to my friends.

Kacey and Jason
03-12-2014 2:38:28 PM CST

Kacey and Jason
03-12-2014 2:38:28 PM CST

02-15-2014 7:19:54 PM CST
How many questions are on the DMV written test? It there a time limit? And how many can you miss and still pass?

02-13-2014 1:04:13 AM CST
Had a great time. I learned lots of things that will keep me safe on the road. I am looking forward to getting behind the wheel and being knowledgeable about everything. Thank you Mrs.Dawn, Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Rene for making me feel at home and confident.

Micah Gardner   Micahgardner98@gmail.com
12-15-2013 6:44:13 PM CST
Only place to geaux is breauxs

Micah Gardner   Micahgardner98@gmail.com
12-15-2013 6:42:00 PM CST
The only place to geaux is breauxs

Kiera jones
06-24-2013 10:54:17 AM CST
Do you guys take students that have no driving experience at all ?

Kiera jones
06-24-2013 10:54:14 AM CST
Do you guys take students that have no driving experience at all ?

06-13-2013 12:15:05 PM CST
it was very fun.

06-13-2013 12:14:36 PM CST
it was a fun experience.

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