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(examination of the driver's ability to safely operate and maneuver a vehicle in traffic) 

The State of Louisiana has allowed for driving schools to offer the Third-Party Road Skill Test for the purpose of issuing the state required road test.  In order for any driving school to become certified, special training and rigorous requirements must be met.  By offering this service, we are able to set up flexible appointments.



• The applicant must successfully complete the road skills test before issuance of a Class D or E driver’s license. This includes first-time applicants and applicants with learner permits.

• The applicant must use Breaux's  Driving School's vehicle for the road skills test as a safety precaution for both the applicant and the examiner.

• Breaux's  Driving School cars are currently licensed, insured and have passed vehicle inspections by a motor vehicle examiner.

  • $65.00 CASH ONLY