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Please complete all boxes. Call the office if you have questions or you wish to confirm receipt of this form or payment made online. 

Please call and make arrangements to come into the office to complease and sign the full greistration packet.  New state rules requires that parent or guardian to fill out paperwrk prior to class dates.  If the parent or guardian does not fill out state required paperwork the student will not be allowed into class and will have to make arrangements for a later class date.  The parent orientations requires the parent to sign paperwork  and sign a roster that shows the parent understand the rules and regulations required by the sate of Louisiana.  Please bring proof of identification for the student that your are registering.  The birth certificate and sosial security care are to of the main forms used as identification. Expresslane.org is the OMV website that may further assist you with more information if needed.  

New rules for lunch.  Our students are allowed to bring snacks, drinks as we will continue to have them for purchase.  They are welcome to bring their lunches, have something deliverd or a parent or guardian drop  off their lunches.  The lunch break will be from 12:00 until 12:30.  Students will not be allowed to leave school for lunch so that we can resume class at the proper time.  

Effective immediately, a certificate of school attendance is required each time a minor makes an application with the OMV or Breaux's Driving School.  .  In other word, in addition to the initial issuance, each time a minor applies to the OMV or Breaux's Driving School to lift the 02 restriction, be issued a duplice, be issued a Class E (at the age of 17) or requests a change of address the certificate of required school attendance letter must be submitted.

If you have further questions please call our office at 225-450-3350 or call/ text 225-588-3432.  You can also contact your nearest OMV office for any questions or concerns or check the OMV website at Expresslane.org for more information.

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